Our new products in 2018 are once again characterized by heartfelt splendor, auspicious attachments and radiant gemstones as well as practical product features that will please you and your customers.

Update of our novelties will be done in the next days!

(As of: 10.12.2019)

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New earring balls silver

Product no.: AGU212A

New earring balls gold plated

Product no.: AGU212B

New semistone necklace aquamarin

Product no.: ARI223B

New semistone necklace opal

Product no.: ARI224B

New semistone necklace amazonit

Product no.: ARI225A

New y-necklace mixed stones

Product no.: ARI226A

New y-necklace chrysopras

Product no.: ARI227B

New y-necklace turquise

Product no.: ARI228B

New silver necklace mixed beads

Product no.: ARI229A

New necklace gold plated mixed beads

Product no.: ARI229B

New elastic bracelet double Jaspis

Product no.: ARI230B

New elastic bracelet aquamarin silver

Product no.: ARI231A

New elastic bracelet aquamarin gold plated

Product no.: ARI231B

New elastic bracelet lapislazuli silver

Product no.: ARI232A

New elastic bracelet mixed stones silver

Product no.: ARI233A

New elastic bracelet labradorite silver

Product no.: ARI234A

New elastic bracelet opal silver

Product no.: ARI235A

New elastic bracelet opal gold plated

Product no.: ARI235B

New elastic ring mixed semistones

Product no.: ARI236A

New elastic ring mixed semistones

Product no.: ARI236B

New elastic ring labradorite

Product no.: ARI237A

New elastic ring labradorite

Product no.: ARI237B

New earring semistonemix silver

Product no.: ARI238A

New earring semistonemix gold plated

Product no.: ARI238B

New silver necklace

Product no.: STB001A

New gold plated necklace

Product no.: STB001B

New silver necklace round pendant

Product no.: STB002A
1 - 30 of 50 results